In this episode of Adventures in DevOps Charles Max Wood interviews Stephen Chin. Stephen runs developer relations at JFrog. Stephen starts by sharing what JFrog has to offer and their most recent announcements. Including their new free version of Aritfactory. 

Charles and Stephen consider the biggest trends to emerge in 2019 and speculate on what’s going to be big in 2020. This leads them into a discussion about security and inheriting vulnerabilities from packages. They share examples of vulnerabilities in code being exploited. Stephen shares how JFrog helps with identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in code. 

Stephen shares the characteristics found in the ideal pipeline. It needs to be highly flexible so that it will work for every team and every project. It needs to give you a single source of truth and account for security. He explains how to get started with JFrog and what is included in the free version. 


  • Charles Max Wood


  • Stephen Chin




Stephen Chin:

Charles Max Wood:


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