DevOps 026: Implementing Event-driven Microservices with Nikhil Barthwal

Nikhil Barthwal works at Google on Serverless products on Google Cloud Platform. He joins the panel to talk about Implementing Event Driven Microservices. He starts with defining what Microservices are and motivations to move from Monolithic to Microservices. He then dives into distributed data in Microservices and problems associated with it. He goes into details of using Domain Driven Design for partitioning data and solutions to keep data consistent & querying scattered data.


  • Nell Shamrell-Harrington
  • Charles Max Wood
  • Scott Nixon


  • Nikhil Barthwal



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Nell Shamrell-Harrington:

Scott Nixon:

Charles Max Wood:

Nikhil Barthwal:

  • Expert F#
  • The Lean Startup