• Shawn Clabough

  • Caleb Wells

Joined by Special Guest: Daniel Roth


Daniel Roth, from Microsoft, the ASP .NET team, joins the panel to discuss Blazor. Daniel starts by introducing Web Assembly and how this changed web development. Blazor allows full-stack development through .NET with C#. The panel asks Dan about Blazor's capabilities and future. Dan shares Blazor’s origin story. 


The panel compares Blazor to Silverlight and Dan compares the two and explains how Blazor is superior to Silverlight. Dan explains why developers are so excited for Blazor. The panel discusses the runtime Blazor uses and whether it is core only. The panel asks Dan about how to adopt Blazor into specific projects and how Blazor works under the hood. 



Shawn Clabough:

Caleb Wells:

Daniel Roth: