.NET 004: All About Azure Functions with Colby Tresness



  • Shawn Clabough

  • Caleb Wells

Joined by Special Guest: Colby Tresness


Colby Tresness, from Microsoft, joins the panel to answer questions about azure functions. He starts by defining the two different types of azure functions. He overviews the different plans available and what they offer. The panel discusses the best use cases for azure functions and Colby shares what to avoid doing with azure functions. 


The panel asks Colby about cold start penalties and the security of functions. Colby explains what languages azure functions supports and how it is able to support so many different languages. The new trend of using azure storage for static websites is discussed. Colby talks about durable functions, a stateful function. 



Shawn Clabough:

Caleb Wells:

Colby Tresness: