.NET 013: Simmy and Chaos Engineering Geovanny Alzate Sandoval

In this episode of Adventures in .NET the panel interviews Geovanny Alzate Sandoval, the creator of Simmy. Geovanny tells the panel all about Simmy, Poly, and chaos engineering. After defining each of these terms, the panel asks Geovanny questions about how they work. Chaos engineering intentionally breaks things to find weaknesses in systems, Simmy simulates those breaks and Poly helps create resilient systems.

Before injecting chaos into your system, Geovanny has two suggestions. First, implement your resilience strategy. Second, have a good monitoring system in place to help you observe the chaos. He shares resources for those wanting to get started with Simmy and chaos engineering. 

Simmy offers three different policies, fault, latency and behavior. Geovanny shares examples of each of these policies and explains what you are hoping to break and fix with each. He explains how Simmy can be used with an azure app and considers the possibilities of that use case Simmy currently gets in your system through Poly but they are working on a way to change that. He shares their plans for Simmy. 



  • Shawn Clabough

  • Caleb Wells


  • Geovanny Alzate Sandoval



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