.NET 015: Live Share and VS Online with Jonathan Carter at MS Ignite

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In this episode of Adventures in .NET the panel records live at Microsoft Ignite and are joined by Jonathan Carter from Microsoft. Jonathan and the panel talk all about Live View and Visual Studio Online. They start by introducing Live Share, real-time collaboration specifically tailored to developers.

Jonathan explains why Live View is so special and how it differs from document collaboration. In order to work on a project in Live View you must first be invited, Jonathan explains how the set up is a simple as clicking on a link. With Live View, each developer in the collaboration can work in their customized environment. Jonathan explains that Live View is an end to end collaboration, including builds and debugging sessions.

Live View is not screen sharing, developers can work in multiple files on the same project and up to 30 developers can work on one project at a time. Security is addressed and Jonathan explains how Live share protects your code. The panel is impressed and considers ways they can use Live Share in their work. Jonathan shares use cases that Microsoft has seen and shares the benefits experienced by using Live Share.

Moving on the panel discusses Visual Studio Online. Jonathan explains how it works and shares what they have planned for it in the future. He explains how VS Online could irradicate setup by automatically meet the needs and personalizing environments. Jonathan shares use cases and the panel considers how they can use it in their own work. The panel wonders at it capabilities and limitations. Jonathan explains that it for not VS Online only works in Linux based environments but they are working on including other operating systems. The episode ends with a discussion of IntelliCode, a product Jonathan is working on combining AI and developer tools.


  • Shawn Clabough
  • Charles Max Wood


  • Jonathan Carter



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What is Live Share?

A developer collaboration tool.

Which versions of Visual Studio supports Live View?

Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio Code. Soon it will work in Visual Studio Online, at which point it will open up in the browser.

How many developers can work on a Live Share project?

Up to 30.

In order to use Visual Studio Online, must you have a connection?

Yes, but they have done a lot to optimize it so that the connection does not have to be a highend one.

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