.NET 018: Fun and Development with Unit Testing, GraphQL and Firebase Auth

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In this episode of Adventures in .NET the panel shares some of the things they have been doing in their work. Caleb Wells starts by talking about unit testing. His team at work started implementing unit testing he got to do a lot of research for their project. He shares some of the unit testing frameworks he looked at and explains why he chose XUnit. Other tools he is using include MOQ, Bogus and Fluent Assertions. They discuss what these do and how they make unit testing easier.

Wai Liu tells Caleb all about GraphQL and why it is better than using a rest API. It is more efficient and cleaner. It is also easy to incorporate into an existing application. Wai also wants to discuss authentication. He explains that there is no need to create custom authentication solutions when there are so many great authentication tools built by people smarter than you. He recommends Firebase Auth by Google. The panel explains the difference between authentication and authorization.


  • Wai Liu
  • Caleb Wells



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Caleb Well:

Wai Liu:

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What has Caleb been working on?

Unit Testing

What has Wai been working on?

GraphQL, and Firebase Auth

What is GraphQL?

An alternative to Rest APIs.

What are the benefits of unit testing?

It is easier to change and add code in the future and when someone leaves a project.

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