.NET 019: The History of .NET with Richard Campbell

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In this episode of Adventures in .NET, Richard Campbell, podcast manager, conference creator and author, joins the panel to share the history of .NET. He starts by explaining his background, his father was an electronics engineer and his mother a fictional author. Richard tells a great story and has a great passion for technology.

Reminiscing about the days when he started programming, Richard explains the simplicity of the tools and the excitement of watching technology change so fast. The panel considers how this time compares to our own. While out tools have gotten more advanced, the problems developers solve are now more diverse. He discusses the frameworks and tools that lead to the current .NET frameworks. Richard explains the cycle of frameworks. The panel considers the future of technology and .NET. They discuss .NET 5 and Blazor.

Richard tells the panel what it’s like to manage conferences. His goals for conferences are to answer the questions people come with and to help them find something they weren’t looking for. The panel shares their experiences at Richards conferences, they discuss some of his other work, including podcasts he creates and the book he is currently writing.


  • Wai Liu
  • Caleb Wells
  • Shawn Clabough
  • Charles Max Wood


  • Richard Campbell



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Was it easier to develop back in the 1970s?

The problems were simpler but the tools were much less advanced.

How did Richard get into programming?

At the age of ten, he would go to Radio Shack and explore using their one computer.

What is the next step in technology?

Augmented Reality through a visor.

What is his recommendation in preparation for .NET 5?

Be up to date with .NET Core 4.8 to make the transition as easy as possible.

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