Automated Machine Learning with Qingquan Song – ML 030

Qingquan Song is a member of the AutoKeras team and recent Phd graduate from Texas A&M University. He co-authored the Automated Machine Learning book from Manning publishing and joins the adventure to explain automated machine learning and how it can be used to set up and to refine machine learning models. He also dives into how to use the tools that exist to take advantage of the techniques it offers.


  • Charles Max Wood


  • Qingquan Song




  • Charles- Who Not How
  • Charles- Ruby Rogues |
  • Charles- Encourage people to have empathy
  • Qingquan- Working as a team is better than working individually
  • Qingquan- Focus on one thing at a time
  • Qingquan- “Work hard and Play Harder”
  • Qingquan- Learn from others