DevChatTV Announces the Launch of Five New Podcasts


In the quest to ensure that every programming community has high quality podcast, the award-winning DevChatTV adds 5 new podcasts to its list.

August 6, 2019 — Driven by the mission of covering as many fields of software development as possible in order to enable developers to build valuable skills and successful careers, DevChatTV is launching five brand new developers' podcasts – Data Therapy, Adventures in .NET, Adventures in DevOps, Sustain Our Software, and Adventures in Blockchain. The podcasts commences in August 2019 and will be weekly releases on Tuesdays.

Each podcast will feature eminent guest speakers from all walks of the development world sharing their valuable insights into the topic being discussed, in addition to the distinguished hosts. As with other DevChatTV podcasts, their will also be a segment at the end where panelists and guests give interesting recommendations (technical or otherwise) for listeners to check out. Stay tuned!

Adventures in DevOps

As the name suggests, Adventures in DevOps is a weekly podcast about the devops methodology. This podcast aspires to decode one of the most popular buzzwords today – “DevOps” – what it means, how to incorporate it successfully in the organizations’ way of working, addressing related concerns and much more.

Every Tuesday, Adventures in DevOps’ hosts, Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Scott Nixon and Lee Whalen release interesting and insightful podcasts.

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Sustain Our Software (SOS)

Sustain Our Software podcast is focused on discussing key ideas in software development including having resources and systems to reward open source contributions. The SOS podcast spotlights promoting the involvement of the development community to help project, grow and to evolve efficiently. This open source podcast also targets structuring code and organizations to support the efforts of open source contributors.

Hosts, Eric Berry, Jon Schlinkert, Pia Mancini and Richard Littauer release an episode of Sustain Our Software every Tuesday.

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Adventures in Blockchain

The Adventures in Blockchain podcast, releases weekly on a Tuesday and focuses on blockchain, ranging from basic core concepts to advanced techniques. Adventures in Blockchain will inevitably hit the top podcast list in no time, as the prolific hosts Gregory McCubbin, Roman Storm and Bruno Duarte Brito excavate blockchain topics with their guests.

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Adventures in .NET

The Adventures in .NET is a podcast on everything .NET. It helps introduce beginning coders to .NET and gives .NET ninjas a platform to share what's worked for them with tough problems. Topics include how to create applications using programming languages, frameworks and software tools in the .NET space.

The hosts of Adventures in .NET, Shawn Clabough and Caleb Wells, are veteran programmers and talk with new guests weekly. The .NET podcast releases every Tuesday.

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Data Therapy

This show includes discussions about data collection and evaluation techniques typical for the field of data science. It aims to bring together technology and business to sort out their issues to create useful facts from data. David Richards, the mastermind behind the Data Therapy podcast and host explains, “Although there are many ways to create competitive value in a business, we have found that insight from data is one of the most crucial tools a business can use today.” The Data Therapy’s host continues, “In this podcast, we talk through the problems in data so our listeners can develop a leadership position in their organizations.” The data science podcast includes answering questions that make a difference to a business and its partners in a professional manner.

The Data Therapy podcast is hosted by David Richards and his co-host Rex Griffiths and releases weekly on Tuesdays.

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**About DevChatTV and Charles Max Wood

****DevChatTV currently houses around 14 top podcasts, each catering to a distinct programming language, framework and/or methodology in software development, including the hugely popular and award-winning shows such as JavaScript Jabber and Adventures in Angular. Listeners benefit from relevant discussions, tons of resources, tips and tricks, valuable advice and experience sharing from panelists and guests, and can also post comments and suggestions if any.

Charles Max Wood, podcaster, programmer and a business developer, founded DevChatTV with the purpose of connecting developers all around the world and creating relevant content for them, to make them independent and capable of achieving the lifestyle they desire. Started in May 2011, the results of his efforts are such that today the podcasts reach out to more than 70,000 developers each week.

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