Podcast Guest Preparation Instructions

Thank you for accepting our invitation to be a guest on our podcast. Our automated system should have sent you an invitation to your calendar with the day and time you scheduled.

That calendar invite will include the link to the Zoom.us room we record in and a Google Doc that we ask you to give our hosts information they can use to prepare for your episode.

Here are a few things that you can do to make your episode the best quality possible.

Update the Google Doc for your episode

Google Doc

You can find the documents for all of the shows here. Just find the folder for the podcast you're on, then the document for your episode.

We recommend you provide us with any talks and blog posts on the topic that you like. Make sure you include yours.

Enter your social media information as well for our show notes writers.

Check back in periodically to see if our hosts have added questions of their own.

Find a quiet space – plan ahead

Do Not Disturb Sign

People talking in the background, doors opening and closing, fans running, and other noises make the episode a little harder to listen to. Plan ahead and know where you can go to get a quiet space.

Wear headphones

Woman wearing headphones

Headphones get rid of echo from the call.

Zoom is usually pretty good at eliminating echo from your speaker into your microphone, but depending on your room layout and which microphone and speaker you have, it may not completely get rid of feedback from our call.

Headphones direct the sound into your ears and are designed to keep from leaking too much sound into the room.

Use a decent microphone

Recording microphone

Most microphones build into computers are garbage. They work for Skyping your grandmother, but are not high enough quality for a podcast.

Apple EarPods or AirPods tend to have microphones that will work fine.

Here are a few other microphones we like that you can buy if you're worried about it.

Use Wired Networking

Network switch

Wifi introduces latency that can affect the transmission of your audio. Please plug your computer into the network wherever you are for recording.

We can get a decent recording over wifi, but often this is the issue we see when we're recording.

Other pointers

  • Don't say “Great question” after every question. Just answer the question.
  • Don't stress about how you sound. We'll let you know if there's an issue with sound quality.
  • Type “EDIT” if you want a section cleaned up. We edit the episode anyway, but editors will pay special attention to that section.
  • We record on Zoom. Join a minute or two before the call if you've never used Zoom before.
  • Mute when not talking. The Shush app is a great help for this.