Effectively Planning for Each of the Integral DevOps Processes

The goal of DevOps is to optimize multiple processes in an organization. Based on hundreds of DevOps implementations, Ali Hussain from IT consultancy Flux 7 will present a checklist of things to consider while evaluating a DevOps plan. We have distilled this list down to common processes that every DevOps plan should define in order to be complete: How to perform disaster recovery? How to deploy new or a specific code revision to production? How to stand up a new dev and staging environment? How to push new configuration changes? How to change infrastructure? The presentation will talk through the definition, motivation, and example of implementing each process successfully.

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Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain is CTO & Co-Founder at Flux7 Labs. Ali has been designing scalable and distributed systems for the last decade and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Associate Level, earning this recognition with a score of 95%.He began his career at Intel as part of the performance modeling team for Intel’s Atom microprocessor where he focused on benchmarking, power usage and workload optimization. Ali spent four years focused on performance modeling at ARM, Inc. At ARM he optimized the latency and throughput characteristics of systems, modeled performance, and brought a data-driven methodology to performance analyses.Ali acquired his passion for distributed systems while earning his MS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His Bachelor of Science (High Honors) in Computer Engineering was obtained from the University of Texas at Austin.

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