Faster JavaScript

The more code you have, the more problems you have. One of these is the ability to learn the code. Code often has logic to handle edge cases which can distract a new contributor from the core logic of the code, making it challenging to learn. Another one of the problems with more code that's specific to JavaScript and the browser is the more you send over the wire to the browser, the slower it goes. This is due to network latency primarily, but also parsing, evaluating, and keeping relevant variables in memory.

With a really interesting technique called program slicing, we can build tools to help to mitigate some of these problems. In this talk, I'm going to give you a peek at a tool I've been working on called `slice-js` ?. I'm super excited about the implications for a project like this!

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Kent C. Dodds

I am Kent C. Dodds. I work at PayPal as a full stack JavaScript engineer. I represent PayPal on the TC39. I’m actively involved in the open source community as a creator and contributor. I’m an instructor, Frontend Masters instructor, and Google Developer Expert. I’m happily married and the father of three kids. I like code. I care about craft, design, tools, and architecture. I like to talk about it. Come chat with me 🙂

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