Make Some Noise With Tone.js

The Web Audio API is a great way to make music in your browser. However, it does have a reputation for being tough to learn and to use.

In this talk, I will introduce a library called Tone.js which abstracts out some of that toughness while providing easy to use APIs for music creation. You will learn the basics of using Tone.js, making sounds with pre-built instruments and filters, different ways of scheduling audio, and how to automate changes to your audio.

Join the music making fun with Tone.js!

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Scott Fradkin

Scott Fradkin is a lead developer for a consulting company in the Midwest called Flexion. He leads teams and codes in Java and JavaScript. He also likes to teach kids about the fun of programming by teaching Scratch through his local community education program and by leading Sonic Pi workshops for kids through the local Kids GET IT program. He is an avid live coder and enjoys making music and talking about it at conferences and to user groups. Check out his website at for links.

You need a conference ticket to download this video.

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