Microservices Without Servers

Servers are killing your productivity. Rather than building better software for your users, you end up constantly distracted by maintaining computers. Wasn't the “”cloud”” supposed to fix this? It sounded so promising until we realised it was just renting VMs in someone else's datacenter. We couldn't escape “”servers””. Until now…

In this session, developers will learn how to build Node.js microservices without servers, using modern “serverless” cloud platforms. We’ll look at common challenges (and solutions) to building applications using “serverless” stacks. Exploring emerging “serverless” design patterns will give developers the knowledge to build application architectures using these new platforms.

This session is aimed at software developers experienced in building traditional Node.js web applications, who want to learn how to build microservices without servers.

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James Thomas

James Thomas is a “Developer Advocate” for IBM’s cloud platform, helping developers build scalable cloud applications. Having accepted a summer-long internship with IBM as “something to do” before starting his post-graduate degree, James is still here eight years later. Managing to find his way into the “Emerging Technologies” division, James has been able to work on everything from the largest retail banking site in Europe, been a leading open-source developer for a JavaScript toolkit before working on the first commercial system for IBM Watson as the UI Technical Lead.

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