The Art of Exploitation

In order to understand both the importance and the how to, of mitigating your attackers attempts to exploit your weaknesses, you must first understand your attackers and how they succeed.

Kim will examine and demonstrate a collection of essential attacks, commonly used in the exploitation and demise of many individuals and organisations today.

Kim will then address the mitigation techniques, and how the whole process of exploitation and mitigation can and should fit within each and every Scrum Sprint.

All content is sourced from Kim's first and second volumes of a three part book series (Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers) specifically focussed on equipping Web Developers to stay ahead of their attackers.

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Kim Carter

Technologist / Engineer, Information Security Professional, Entrepreneur and the founder of BinaryMist Ltd ( OWASP NZ Chapter Leader. Certified Scrum Master. Facilitator, mentor and motivator of cross functional, self managing teams. With a solid 15 years of commercial industry experience across many domains, Kim Carter enjoys teaching others how to apply information security to their Agile processes, bringing the security focus up front where it’s the cheapest to implement, increasing profit and reducing costs. Organiser of two information security conferences (OWASP NZ Day and Christchurch Hacker Con), International trainer, speaker and published author focusing on

* Software and network architecture
* Web development and engineering
* Information security

Kim is also a regular blog poster at Kim loves designing and creating robust software and networks, breaking software and networks, then fixing them and helping organisations increase productivity.

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