DevEd 006: Programming in K12 Education

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  • Joe Eames
  • Brooke Avery
  • Mike Dane
  • Jesse Sanders
  • Dani Sloan


Is it important to teach kids to code? The panel answers this question and includes the possible positive outcomes in the lives of children when they learn to code. The computer skills necessary in future jobs are considered. How to teach children coding, age, education level, screen time, unplugged activities, and how to make it fun are all discussed. The panel shares resources that kids can use in and outside the classroom. Brooke Avery and Dani Sloan use their experience in the educational system to talk about what it’s like as an educator and how instructors might implement technology in the classroom. The panel considers what parents can do to help bring coding into their schools and the support they should show their children at home.



Joe Eames

  • The Legend of ZERO by Sara King

Brooke Avery

Mike Dane

Jesse Sanders

Dani Sloan

  • Creating Critical Thinkers through Coding
  • The Innovative Educator

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