DevEd 008: Programming Education in Developing Nations

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Joined by Special Guest: Shodipo Ayomide


Shodipo Ayomide (aka "Developer Ayo"), a developer from Nigeria and developer advocate at Vanhack, shares his experience learning to code in a developing nation. Ayo explains his greatest aid in learning programming was learning to use Google and YouTube from his uncle. The panel discusses how important it is to learn how to learn and not just memorize code. Ayo tells the panel about the educational opportunities and programs currently aiding developers and students in Nigeria. The developer community in Lagos is discussed, how they communicate, find jobs, attend conferences, and the challenges they face. The panel considers what developers and companies here can do to help programmers in developing nations gain access to educational material.



Jesse Sanders

Mike Dane

Dani Sloan

Luis Hernandez

Brooke Avery

Shodipo Ayomide

Joe Eames

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