DevEd 009: Broadening Your Technical Perspective

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Joined by Guest Panelist: Derek Howard

Joined by Special Guest: Richard Feldman


Derek Howard, writer of the Django and Python programs, and Richard Feldman, author on Frontend Masters and Pluralsight and of the book “Elm in Action”, join the panel to discuss learning off-center technologies. Richard starts by introducing elm and why it makes a great tool for functional programming. The panel shares their experience with functional programming and how learning functional programming is important.

The value of learning different and less mainstream languages is considered; the panel shares examples from their lives when branching out to other technologies have helped them. Some of the benefits they've seen in their lives include a shift in perspective, gaining tools, growing as a developer, and increased confidence. The panel contemplates the problems with a developer digging into one technology only instead of broadening your perspective with other technologies.



Joe Eames

Brooke Avery

Jesse Sanders

  • Find competing products for what you're already doing.
  • Look for technologies that do the opposite of what you're doing.

Derek Howard

  • Learn to learn.
  • Explore and have fun.

Mike Dane

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