DevEd 010: The Myth of the Genius Programmer

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Joined by Guest Panelist:Lukas Ruebbelke

Joined by Special Guest: Max “The Wizard” Koretskyi


Max Koretskyi and Lukas Ruebbelke join the panel to discuss the myth of the genius programmer. The definition of a genius programmer is argued throughout the podcast; IQ, technical skills, work ethic, and perseverance are all considered. The panel discusses where the myth comes from. Brooke Avery stipulates that the myth stems from the fear developers have of showing weakness and asking questions; each of the panelists shares their perspective on the myth and fear. As the panel shares what they have done to overcome this barrier, they consider what qualifies someone as and what makes a genius developer.



Mike Dane:

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Brooke Avery:

Max Koretskyi:

Lukas Ruebbelke:

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