Dev Ed 013: Live at ng-conf- The Benefits of Attending Conferences

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Joined by special guests: Alex Rickabaugh, Todd Palmer, Ward Bell, Lukas Ruebbelke, Tim Shelley.

Episode Summary

This episode of the Dev Ed podcast comes to you live from ng-conf 2019! The show starts with panelists introducing themselves and giving a brief background about their work. Joe Eames kicks off the discussion by asking the panel what they think about conferences as being valuable learning platforms for technology and why they feel that way. The panel talks about the advantages of attending conferences and how it helps in educating as well as networking. The next topic of conversation moves on to ways for maximizing the learning experience as an attendee during which the panelists mention a number of useful pointers for listeners. They then provide insights on how to go about choosing a conference to attend and what should form the basis of making such a decision.

They give a handful of valuable tips for speaking at conferences, overcoming stage fright, and building confidence. At the end, they each mention one thing they like or would like to see at a conference.


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