Dev Ed 014: Online Learning Communities

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Joined by special guest: Ben Halpern

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Dev Ed podcast, Ben Halpern, the creator and co-founder of, talks about the company, his career background and current work. He explains what the community consists of, differences between registered and guest users, how the website gets sponsorship, and some of its other features. The panel discusses how an online community is different from other websites with consumable content and the advantages of communities being a two-way street.

They comment on the steps that can be taken by users to make online communities a positive and uplifting experience for everyone involved, while sharing their own experiences and giving examples. They speak on the education aspect of such forums as well, how they differ from other mediums in terms of being a learning platform, and how active interaction benefits users to a large extent by creating opportunities like pair programming. They mention a number of great examples which are interesting and beneficial for beginners and experienced developers alike. In the end, Ben gives details on the future plans for and the panel moves on to their favorite recommendations.



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