Dev Ed 015: The Timeliness of Web Development Courses

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Joined by special guest: Scott Tolinski

Episode Summary

In this episode, the panelists talk to Scott Tolinski, the creator of Level Up tutorials and the co-host of the Syntax podcast, where he teaches web development. They discuss what it means to keep up with the constant changes and updates in web technologies and how to go about dealing with it, from the perspective of a content producer. They each explain the strategies to adopt while creating online content and provide useful tips to listeners. Scott talks about how much of the tutorials and courses he produced early on are still relevant today and Mike and Luiz also share their experiences about the same.

They then discuss how learners should choose courses that are up-to-date and when this consideration should matter. They also discuss the best ways to deal with a developer's need to educate themselves with the latest and greatest tech, what can be done if learners start a course and then realize it’s out of date, putting release dates on content, and finally offer valuable advice to listeners on what to focus on in the learning process.



Scott Tolinski:

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