Dev Ed 016: Learning Through Podcasts

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Joined by special guests: Dan Levi, Charles Max Wood

Episode Summary

In this episode, the panelists talk about podcasting as a way of learning. They discuss the value in choosing podcasts as an educational resource compared to other available, possibly more visual, methods and share some good pointers on its many advantages. Charles Max Wood, CEO of, talks about how he started podcasting, various topics he works with, his experience so far, and how they have managed to elevate the shows from being just conversations to an actual learning platform.

Joe then asks the panel to each list a development related podcast that they listen to and when they prefer to do it. They also give some good pointers on how listeners can make the most out of a podcast.



Mike Dane:

  • Samuel Adams Summer Lager

Sam Julien:

Brooke Avery:

Jessie Sanders:

  • Biking to get around new cities

Dan Levi:

Joe Eames:

  • New podcast on Dungeons and Dragons coming up. Stay tuned for updates!

Charles Max Wood:

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