Dev Ed 017: What You Should Learn in 2019

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Joined by special guests: Kapehe Sarah Jorgenson, Chris Sevilleja

Episode Summary

This episode of Dev Ed starts with Kapehe Sarah Jorgenson from Auth0 and Chris Sevilleja from introducing themselves and giving some background about their work, followed by the panel discussion on the reasons why people should worry about learning things that are temporal and ever-changing in the development world. The panelists stress on the importance of focusing on one thing, rather than trying to master everything at once. They talk about ways to keep up with the pressure of learning a plethora of new technologies given that newer content is constantly emerging and also how to handle the anxiety associated with it. They share their favorite resources to learn things and get regular updates from, and what makes these their preferred choice. They also discuss the criteria that form the basis of choosing things to learn.

Finally, the panelists answer what each one of them would specifically like to learn in 2019 and what they would highly recommend everyone else to learn as well.


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