Joined by special guest: Shai Reznik

Episode Summary

In this episode, the panelists talk to Shai Reznik, web developer, educator, consultant, and Angular Google Developer Expert, who teaches courses mainly on Angular and React, and makes sure that they are topped with some humor and fun! Joe kickstarts the show by asking Shai the reasons why he considers humor to be a consistent part of his personality as well as his teaching methods. Shai explains in detail how that makes learning interesting and effective by citing his own experiences. Joe opens up the discussion to the panel and asks their thoughts about using humor in learning, teaching and their opinions on it, in general.

They then talk about the techniques they employ or those that others use, in order to make learning fun and memorable. Shai elaborates on what strategies he utilizes to keep a good balance between the technical content, and the jokes and entertainment he resorts to while teaching. In the end, the panel discusses resources and methods to help make the learning process fun and they wrap up the show by each stating one thing they would like to recommend to a friend.



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