Joined by special guest: Emma Mulqueeny

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Dev Ed podcast, the panel is joined by a distinguished guest, Emma Mulqueeny, digital transformation strategist and an eminent technologist, founder of the Rewired State and Young Rewired State organizations, the goal of which was to bring together young developers to contribute to government services in the UK, Commissioner for the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy and a Google Fellow. She has been awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) honour in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours list for her significant contribution to the fields of digital democracy and education. She has been included in the 166th annual edition of Who’s Who, voted onto the Wired 100 list, Tech City 100, BIMA Hot 100 and has been voted one of the top ten women in technology by The Guardian. She is currently working with the NHS (National Health Service), UK, in the area of mental health for young people.

Emma begins the show by giving a background about herself and her work and explains the concept of digital democracy to listeners.The panelists then dive into the topic of storytelling based learning and cite examples to explain their impressions of the materials that are used in the process. They explain how this kind of learning helps in making topics more engaging and interesting, and at the same time stress on the fact that there has to be a good balance between the fun and the actual content. They discuss, if as adults it holds any merit to resort to learning through stories and games compared to its usage in kids’ education, and how it helps in making dry technical material less boring and more relatable. In the end, they each talk about their own experiences where storytelling has played a major part in their role as programmers as well as content creators.



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