Joined by special guest: Preston Lamb

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Dev Ed podcast, the panelists talk to recurring special guest Preston Lamb who is a software developer at MotivHealth. They start the discussion by each explaining how and when the imposter syndrome has affected them in their work. They talk about it being more frequent than generally thought of and how it impacts their confidence and leads to self-doubt. They share their experiences where switching career paths and learning something new tends to become intimidating and hard at times, causing anxiety and resulting in the feeling of not knowing things, especially on stage or while doing something like consulting where you are expected to be an expert.

They discuss which activities are more likely to cause the imposter syndrome – teaching, being around other developers, conferences, getting new jobs and promotions, and also cases where they don't encounter it. They then describe useful strategies to combat it during each of the above mentioned activities and offer great tips for listeners along the way. They end the episode on a hopeful and encouraging note and mention one thing they would like to learn in the near future.



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