Episode Summary

Joe Eames leads the panel in a discussion of the path to a career in computer programming. The panel has a varied educational background, Mike and Dani share their experiences attending a university. Dani Sloan piques Joe Eames interest with her programming experience in school even though it was not the degree she set out to obtain. Mike Dane shares his appreciation for any school or program that has an alumni network. Jesse Sanders was self taught with a little formal education, he talks about the vast amounts of programming knowledge out there and how it can be hard to find a path and to remain well rounded and grounded in the fundamentals.

Using their individual knowledge and experience, the panel discuss the merits of various educational paths. The benefits and drawbacks of university, bootcamps, and teaching oneself are discussed. The panel also branches out into a few newer and hybrid types of education such as part-time school, Neumont University, Lambda School, and schools like University of Phoenix, which you can do from home. They discuss the finances and time that each may take and give recommendations for a few different situations that people may be coming from, such as, switching careers or starting fresh from high school.



Dani Sloan

  • Google Keep

Mike Dane

Joe Eames

  • Alita: Battle Angel