• Joe Eames
  • Kent C. Dodds
  • Mike Dane
  • Dani Sloan


Joe Eames begins the panel in a fun discussion on whether or not there is a "programmer gene". Each of the panelists share life experiences and observations from their own lives, most of the panel agrees that there isn’t one specific programming gene. Different theories are explored, background, the way programming is taught, willingness to learn, a drive and interest, and fear of failure. The panel discusses the correlation of the love or talent for math and physics with computer programming; Kent C. Dodds and Mike Dane share their sorted history with math.

The discussion is directed to how many different types of programming and developing there are. The panel discusses the different skills and interests that go into the various jobs under the umbrella of programming. This leads to a discussion on what you might get out of the job, satisfaction and recognition. The panel answers a few questions such as, "Is there a way to tell if someone will easily grasp programming and is there a way to tell if someone will enjoy programming?" The panel finish by sharing advice on getting past "Impostor Syndrome".


Mike Dane

Dani Sloan

Kent C. Dodds

Joe Eames


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