DevEd 005: Web Development Boot Camps


  • Joe Eames
  • Brooke Avery
  • Mike Dane

Joined by Special guest Sam Julien

Sam Julien is a GDE for Angular and Web Technologies, the creator of, and a Content Engineer for Auth0. He’s also one of the organizers of Angular Portland. When he’s not coding or writing, you’ll find Sam camping or hiking like a good Oregonian.


Joe Eames leads the panel through an in-depth discussion on boot camps. The panel starts by sharing their experience with boot camps. After discussing the finances that go into attending a boot camp, the panel answers the question, “Are boot camps worth it?”. They then discuss what one might look for in a boot camp and how to vet boot camps to get the best education for the right cost. The episode ends with many motivating tips from the panel about how to ensure success during boot camp.



Joe Eames

Brooke Avery

Sam Julien

Mike Dane