Joined by special guest: Tommy Williams

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Dev Ed podcast, the panel is joined by special guest Tommy Williams, who is currently a Software Manager at Playware Media, and has a strong background in web development. He starts off the discussion by explaining what the term performance tuning really means, and the other panelists join in with their own definitions and give examples to elaborate on it. They talk at length about the tradeoff between performance tuning and maintainability while each sharing their valuable experiences. They then steer the discussion towards learning performance tuning, what resources and tools to use, recommend some good courses to listeners and discuss how to go about learning it in general.

Tommy talks about the performance issues that can possibly come up while writing web applications and ways to practice performance tuning followed by the panelists’s tips on it as well. They conclude the show with picks.



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  • Dominican slang word –Vaina