Joined by special guests: Preston Lamb, Aaron Frost

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Dev Ed podcast, special guests Preston Lamb, software developer at MotivHealth, and Aaron Frost, web programmer and organizer of several meetups and conferences, along with the regular panelists, discuss the concept of learning by teaching. They talk about what it means for each one of them and in what way does teaching lead to a positive impact on the learning process. They then elaborate on the differences between gaining expertise in a topic through application and usage versus teaching it, followed by an interesting discussion on if it is acceptable to teach something without having any relevant production or real-world experience, as well as the ethical aspect of it.

They talk about ways to tackle not knowing something when asked about it, and whether any useful learning takes place in cases where things are learnt just for the purpose of teaching. In the end, the panelists explain how they pick topics to teach, especially when the intent is to educate themselves, and how do they go about maximizing the learning involved in it.



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  • Tip – Attend Board Game conventions