DevEd 037:  Code Ninjas & Community Learning

In this episode of the DevEd podcast, David Graham – founder and CEO of Code Ninjas, introduces himself, gives a background of how he got into software development, briefly describes his vision that led to the creation of Code Ninjas and the interesting work that goes on there. The company essentially consists of coding centres for kids in multiple locations throughout the US, with cool learning programs catering to several age groups, its main purpose being teaching hands on software development combined with a lot of fun. 
The panelists share their views about the current state of programming education in schools, if it is adequate, and what can be done to supplement it. They discuss that it is important to teach kids how to think and how to solve problems rather than relying on memory based learning. They mention ways to get students excited about programming, different learning tools and platforms, and similarities and differences in learning patterns between kids and adult learners.They talk on why should everyone care about coding education for kids, even those who do not have them, and how people can help out in getting youth involved in software development. They also discuss if there is anything they wish had existed to aid learning for young individuals also how it would help them in return. In the end, David explains how can people volunteer for Code Ninjas.


Joined by speacial guest: David Graham



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