Episode Summary

In this first episode of the Dev Ed podcast, the panelists start with giving brief introductions about themselves and their work, most of them being educators and trainers in software development. They then discuss some of the best ways for people to get into programming, focusing on the importance of motivation and passion, while narrating their own experiences. They talk about choosing the right learning resources and paths based on individual needs, effective tools and techniques for current programmers to stay up to date with ongoing developments and retaining learnt concepts.

They also discuss benefits of publishing work online thus making it available for the public, significance of teaching and how to get into it, and mention tips and hacks on effective time management so as to continue learning in spite of a busy schedule. They wrap up the episode by each stating what they wish to learn the most, and one thing they would like to share with friends.



Kent C. Dodds:

Brooke Avery:

Jesse Sanders:

  • NestJS
  • Having a good morning routine with mediation, reading and journaling

Joe Eames:

Mike Dane:

Jared Stein:

  • What makes efficient and productive learning happen

Dani Sloan:


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