Joined by guest panelist: Alyssa Nicoll

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Dev Ed podcast, the panelists talk about the importance of staying up-to-date and learning continuously as a developer. They share their own experiences, and stress on the benefits of being a lifelong learner while finding a niche to build expertise in. They discuss the fact that companies should actively arrange learning resources for employees and give insight into ways for people to manage time in order to incorporate continuous education in their daily life, and handling stress in situations where answers/concepts are not known.

Joe asks the panelists to what extent they tend to go while learning something, in cases where they know they aren’t getting paid for it, to which they answer that passion and enjoyment are the major influencing factors. They also discuss how to identify what exactly should be learnt in order to advance careers, how to learn things when there is no interest or passion at all, and indicators to detect when one is falling behind and needs to get on track. Finally, they each mention one learning experience where they felt vulnerable and one thing they would like to share with everyone.



Brooke Avery:

Joe Eames:

• Working with a really smart programmer
• Things I Don’t Know as of 2018 – Dan Abramov

Alyssa Nicoll:

  • Answering questions
  • Dev

Jesse Sanders:

Mike Dane:

Kent C. Dodds:

Dani Sloan:

  • Reading academic journals
  • Limiting notifications on communication channels such as Slack


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