EMx 035: Adopting Elixir with Tiago Duarte

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Josh Adams
  • Mark Ericson Joined by Special Guest: Tiago Duarte

Episode Summary

Special guest Tiago Duarte started as a software engineer, but started a company called Coletiv and now works in management. Tiago talks about his company and his decision to adopt Elixir and how he regrets not learning Erlang earlier. They talk about their use of debuggers in Elixir or lack thereof The panel discusses why Elixir is so successfulI, but also the difficult in hiring Elixir programmers due to the necessity of on the job learning. They discuss the transition experience for people switching from an object oriented programming in other languages to the functional programming in Elixir. The hosts share methods for switching languages in a company, especially when it is on a very large scale. It is best to start with a small, well defined problem and try to fix it in the new language and have it communicate with your legacy code, and then go from there. Tiago talks about switching his company over to Elixir and how it impacted his clients. Tiago talks about his choice to switch languages and how he approached choosing a new language. Tiago talks about a time when his Elixir system crashed and the doubts it caused him to have in his decision to switch. Josh also shares a story about a time his Elixir system crashed, and they discuss how they fixed the problem. They finish the show by talking about logging and bug recording methods in Elixir systems. Links


Charles Max Wood:

  • Go to https://github.com/cmaxw/devchat-eleventy and send him a poll request with 5 episodes tagged that you’ve listened to in exchange for 1 hour of coaching. Josh Adams:
  • Dotsies.org Mark Ericson:
  • “Because inheritance exposes a subclass to details of its parent’s implementation, it’s often said that inheritance breaks encapsulation.” from The Gang of Four Design Patterns Tiago Duarte:
  • It Doesn't Have To Be Crazy At Work


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