EMx 041: What Really Makes Erlang and Elixir Fault Tolerant and Scalable with Francesco Cesarini




    • Josh Adams
    • Mark Ericksen
    • Charles Max Wood

    Guest: Francesco Cesarini

    Episode Summary

    In this episode of Elixir Mix, Charles Wood, Josh Adams and Mark Ericksen chat with guest, Francesco Cesarini, Founder and Technical Director at Erlang Solutions about how to build reliable and scalable systems within the Elixir and Erlang world.

    Erlang Solutions provides consultancy to customers who are not familiar with Elixir and offers training when necessary. With their WOMBATOAM tool that can handle very large-scale systems like WhatsApp with its fault tolerant capability.

    Francesco talks about how he likes Elixir which is an up and coming language that focuses on UI/UX usability and compares Erlang and Elixir languages.  Francesco mentions he is impressed with the emphasis Elixir community places on user-friendliness.

    The guest discusses pros and cons of handling shared memory and concurrency. Supervisors and OTP help handle errors by creating escalation strategies.

    Going beyond the software, Francesco then shares some of his favorite real life experiences of power outages and switch failures he faced while building fault tolerant systems.



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