EMx 057: The Elixir Community with Adolfo Neto

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  • Mark Ericksen
  • Josh Adams
  • Michael Ries
  • Eric Oestrich

Joined by Special Guest: Adolfo Neto


Adolfo Neto shares the background behind his Elixir Brazil 2019 talk. The panel discusses other talks of Elixir Brazil 2019, the organizing of the conference, and the diversity initiative. Adolfo shares his experience in the U.S., attending meetups for other programming languages, comparing them to Elixir. The panel considers the Elixir code formatter and gives protips for using it. The best way to teach Elixir and functional programming is considered; the panel shares experiences and resources for learning functional programming.



Mark Ericksen:

Josh Adams:

Michael Ries:

Eric Oestrich:

Adolfo Neto:

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