• Mark Ericksen

  • Josh Adams

  • Michael Ries


Mark Ericksen introduces the topic of framework life cycles hoping to address the concerns of new Elixir developers from other frameworks. The panel explains the various phases in a frameworks life and hype cycles using other frameworks as reference. COBOL, an older language, is on the tail end of its life but still kicking and it probably won’t ever fade out completely. Ruby on Rails is considered mainstream or widely adopted. The panel considers where Elixir is in its cycle. They all agree that Elixir is in the late stages of “early adoption”. The panel explains what this means for Elixir developers and why Elixir will become a widely adopted framework. They site the stability that Erlang provides to Elixir despite its young age and the solutions that Elixir provides the developing community. Mark Ericksen invites new Elixir developers to not only be patient but to be proactive in sharing Elixir at work and to developers around them. 



Mark Ericksen:

Josh Adams:

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