EMx 066: Going with the Flow with John Mertens


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  • Mark Ericksen

  • Michael Ries

Joined by Special Guest: John Mertens


John Mertens, from change.org, joins the panel to discuss a recent talk he gave at ElixirConf EU. The panel starts off by discussing change.org’s adoption of Elixir and how John helped to bring that about. John discusses the value of Flow even though it is not part of the standard library. The panel discusses what the pieces of data look in John’s pipeline. After giving some context for his project, John gives details about his work in Flow and why they chose Flow for that project. The panel discusses tuning the numbers in Flow to make it faster. 


John shares his experience using Broadway and shares his favorite features. The panel asks him to compare Flow and Broadway in terms of configuration and understanding what is going on. John shares factors to consider when deciding to use Flow or Broadway for a project. The panel discusses supervision trees, using graceful shutdown, and the difficulty of messing up a flow.  



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