EMx 078: Phoenix Phrenzy with Nathan Long

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In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel interviews Nathan Long about Pheonix Phrenzy. Nathan explains what Pheonix Phrenzy is and what the contest is all about. The panel explains how exciting it is for everyone to see what Live View can really do. With all the submissions open-sourced, the consider what a great resource the submissions are for those learning to use Live View.

Nathan explains his motivations behind Pheonix Phrenzy. He explains what they learned from this contest and what they may do in future contests. Nathan shares how wonderful it was to work with everyone at Dockyard on Pheonix Phrenzy. He explains how the competition worked, the role of the VIP judges and how the site was designed to make the contest as fair as possible.

The top three submissions are shared, the panel is impressed by how different each of the projects are. Nathan shares all the amazing things developers get when they use Live View. The panel considers when to use Live View. The episode finishes as Nathan shares what he would like to see in the future versions of Live View.


  • Mark Ericksen
  • Josh Adams
  • Michael Ries


  • Nathan Long



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Mark Ericksen:

Josh Adams:

Michael Ries:

  • Scenic Components

Nathan Long:


What is Phoenix Phrenzy?

A contest to see who can build the coolest demo with Live View.

Why should people care about Phoenix Phrenzy even though it is over?

All submissions are open-sourced

What was the motivation behind Phoenix Phrenzy?

To show of what Live View can do and to get people excited about Elixir.

When shouldn't you use Live View?

When online support is necessary or when you have a very heavy lifting client side.

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