EMx 080: The Big Elixir Favorites

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In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel syncs up by discussing The Big Elixir Conference, their favorite talks and what they are working on. The first talk they discuss is Scott Southworth’s talk about medical messaging and the impressive work he does with the HL7 parser.

Next, they discuss Ben Church’s talk about business logic where he talks about leex and yecc. The panel discusses leex, yeccs and their own work with parsers. Cory O’Daniel’s talk on Kubereneters the panel found particularly funny and interesting. Elixir Mix’s very own Eric Oestrich was the keynote speaker at the talk, he summarizes his talk for the panel. The Live View talk given by Sophie DeBenedetto is discussed as well and the panel shares their biggest take away from the talk.

The panel discusses a little of what they have been working on. They ask Eric about his Ponchbrella project. He explains what it is and how it works. Using this hybrid of poncho and umbrella projects for grapevine made more sense to him. He invites everyone to take a look as grapevine is open source. The episode ends as the panel praises Elixir’s flexibility and other great qualities.


  • Mark Ericksen
  • Josh Adams
  • Eric Oestrich



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Mark Ericksen:

Josh Adams:

Eric Oestrich:


What are leex?

The Erlang version of lex.

What are yeccs?

The Erlang version of yaks.

What is a Ponchobrella?

The hybrid of an umbrella and a poncho project?

Who was the keynote speaker at the The Big Elixir 2019?

Eric Oestrich

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