EMx 083: Are Monorepos Worth It?

In this episode of Elixir Mix the panel discusses monorepos. They start by defining monorepos and sharing examples of what this looks like. The panelists share the pros and cons of working in a monorepo. They discuss the different projects they worked on using a monorepo and what their experience was like. 


Monorepos allow for rapid development.  Any developer can pull it down and work on it. They work better for teams who are new with a new project and they are still trying to figure out where everything goes. In situations like these, quality is not a large concern but once quality is a priority monorepos make less sense. 


On the other hand, monorepos make it easier for developers to forget that these applications are distinct. It also makes it easy for developers to ignore older versions of applications. The panel considers if monorepos are worth these downsides. The panel considers how monorepos work with Live View. They also discuss using an umbrella project similarly to monorepos. 


  • Mark Ericksen

  • Eric Oestrich

  • Josh Adams

  • Michael Ries


  • Sentry– use the code “devchat” for two months free on Sentry’s small plan

  • CacheFly



Mark Ericksen:

Eric Oestrich:

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