In this episode of Elixir Mix, the hosts follow up with Phil Toland on his journey from small startup to PepsiCo Ecommerce and cover lots of important topics along the way. Such as Kubernetes, deleting mysterious S3 buckets, lots of assorted Machine Learning and lots of hype about Elixir in general. Steven fires shots at Go. Bruce wants to talk about Julia. Lars still only really cares about Lumen. And Alex wants that sweet, sweet secret ML sauce.



  • Alex Koutmos
  • Bruce Tate
  • Steven Nuñez
  • Lars Wikman
  • Sophie DeBenedetto


  • Phil Toland


Bruce Tate:

Lars Wikman:

Steven Nuñez:

  • Travel Anywhere Hammock

Phil Toland:

  • AirPods Pro

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