In this episode of Elixir Mix, we are joined by inimitable Luke Imhoff who takes us on a wild journey through his background from low-level, to high-level and straight back into compiler land as we work our way towards talking about Lumen. And what a conversation that is. WebAssembly, working group politics, sneaking binaries into the enterprise and so much more. The big take-away is that the Lumen project is a very cool effort to give us more options for running Erlang, Elixir and friends that are suitable for entirely different use-cases. Also, clearly, that the Lumen team is carrying the torch for all functional languages in the WASM Working Group. If you are curious about Lumen or WebAssembly this one is for you.



  • Alex Koutmos
  • Josh Adams
  • Lars Wikman
  • Sophie DeBenedetto


  • Luke Imhoff



Alex Koutmos:

Sophie DeBenedetto:

Lars Wikman:

Luke Imhoff:

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