01:57 - Tools and Scheduling Apps

08:16 - Prioritizing and Planning a Productive Day (Making a Commitment and Sticking to a System)

18:27 - Getting Started

25:17 - Booking and Filling Time Gaps

  • Following Up with Past Clients and Contacting New Leads

28:16 - Weekly / Monthly Reviews

29:29 - Avoiding Scheduling Conflicts and Being Consistent with Your Scheduling

  • Expectation Setting with Clients
  • Being (or at least) Appearing to be “In Demand”

41:14 - Routines

47:08 - Keep Some Flexibility in Your Schedule and Setting Minimums to Avoid Stress

49:01 - Offloading to Free Up Your Schedule


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Reuven)
The Complete Guide to Finding and Selling eCommerce Clients: Learn How to Find, Price, and Sell Clients on Your High-Value Service by Brennan Dunn (Eric)
Starcraft II (Chuck)

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