154 FS Sales Conversations


    02:07: “Sales Conversation”

    • Starts as:
      • Initial Contact From a Prospect
    • Culmination:
      • Homework and Brain Dump Research for Phone Calls (on Both Sides)
      • Writing a Proposal

    05:47 – Value-based Pricing Resources

    06:08 – Is There an “Expensive Problem” to be Solved?  

    08:32 – “Value”

    10:38 – Qualifying Customers as People You Want to Work With

    • Be Picky

    12:49 – Sales Conversations When In Demand vs When You Need Work NOW

    • Do NOT Be Desperate or Needy
    • Confidence

    20:19 – Doing Your Homework

    24:01 – Pitches and Avoiding Wipe Out

    36:20 – What Do You Want to Communicate to a Client?

    • Requirements: Get Treated Like an Expert and Professional
    • All-Inclusive Rate/Fee
    • Traveling Rates/Fees

    54:02 – Demonstrating Your Value


    Talk Python To Me (Reuven)
    The Martian: A Novel by Andy Weir (Jonathan)
    Pitch Anything Book by Oren Klaff (Jonathan)
    The Reckoners Series by Brandon Sanderson (Chuck)
    The Magic of Thinking Big  David J. Schwartz (Chuck)

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