158 FS Coworking and Collaboration with Alex Hillman


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    01:56 – Alex Hillman Introduction

    02:57 – Collaboration and Coworking Spaces

    08:34 – Nights and Weekends? (After Hours/Night Owl Working)

    13:05 – Coworking is NOT a Talent Agency

    15:02 – Isn’t Coworking Distractive?

    22:33 – Forming Relationships for Collaboration

    35:13 – Interns

    36:54 – Collaboration vs Cooperation

    45:20 – Committing to a Coworking Space

    49:39 – Should You Cowork?

    • Self-Management
    • Confidence: “If I can do it, you can do it.”
    • Honest Exposure

    01:03:58 – Starting a Coworking Space


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