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02:09 – Philip Morgan Introduction

02:30 – Thinking About Positioning and Communicating What You Do

27:08 – Finding Target Markets

35:25 – Acquiring New Skills to Support a New Position

39:00 – Refining Your Positioning

  • Marketing, Publicity

56:07 – Positioning Exercise


Kurt Elster: Email Templates for Freelancers (Jonathan)
Expensive Problem: Market Research Cold Email Template (Jonathan)
Bryan Harris: How I Made $10,000 in 24-hours With My First Product (Case Study) (Reuven)
Jewish guide to visiting China by Reuven Lerner (Reuven)
Spark by Readdle (Eric)
AmazonSmile (Chuck)
Listen to other people’s views (Chuck)

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries (Philip)
Rolls MS111 Mic Switch Latching or Momentary Microphone Mute Switch with Passes Phantom Power (Philip)
The Consulting Pipeline Podcast (Philip)



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